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Turning $0 into $300,000 With Flashloans

Flash loans. How to trade crypto. Leverage and margin trading. So, you might be asking yourself “Why would anyone borrow millions of dollars if they have to give it back in 10 seconds?” And the answer is profit...This is what makes markets efficient. Here’s how arbitrage could work in crypto.. if Solana is $160 on KuCoin but it’s only $157 on Coinbase, depending on fees, you could profit off of this price discrepancyFlash loans allow you to do this without ever actually buying Solana A second reason for flash loans is collateral swaps.This would make a traditional banker’s head spin. In order to borrow an asset you need collateral. Something worth money, that shows you’re good for your loan.In regular finance collateral is fairly fixed. If you borrow $100,000 against your house you can’t easily decide tomorrow that you’d rather switch and borrow against the pile of gold you conveniently own instead.You would need to go through a lengthy refinancing process and get the proper approvals. With a flash loan you are actually able to swap out your collateral on a loan for another asset all within a single 10 second transaction.Flash loansCrypto tradingLeverage tradingMargin tradingTimestamps:0:00 Intro0:39 Wild World of Flash Loans1:44 $300,000 in Seconds2:12 Flash Loan Use Case 13:26 Flash Loan Use Case 24:41 The Risks and Problems6:29 When Flash Loans Go South8:08 3rd Largest Hack in DeFi9:05 Should You Do This?9:55 Offer10:28 You Need to Watch ThisSchedule one-on-one business consulting with me here: https://max-maher.teachable.co....m/p/1hr-consultation am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice*


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